Real Estate Gifting Strategies


Everybody in the fundraising world knows there’s an alphabet soup of possible gifts and strategies for bringing them in. However, few people actually know the definition of NIMCRUT. Allen  can minimize your risk and maximize your yield. His strategies include:

  • Recommending deferred CGAs and NIMCRUTs (That’s Net Income With Makeup Charitable Remainder Unitrusts) for acceptance of real estate
  • Putting together a charitable sole member limited liability company (SMLLC) to isolate risk 
  • Balancing risk between donor and charity

Allen can minimize your risk and maximize your yield with gifts of real property, and he’s really good at recommending deferred CGAs (Charitable Gift Annuities), as well as NIMCRUTs. 


He also knows how to protect charities by using a sole member limited liability company  to isolate their risk. Let’s say a good-hearted person wants to gift a gas station to their preferred non-profit, but there are the usual environmental concerns. Allen can put this single piece of real estate into its own single member limited liability company to protect the charity’s other assets in case something goes wrong. He’s very good at balancing risk between donors and charities.


The best and most rewarding day for Allen Thomas is when he gets to complete a complex gift for a client resulting in substantially enhanced revenue.