Real Estate Donation Management



Allen has a wealth of information to help you make the most out of real estate gifts. He is an expert at:

  • Overseeing the due diligence process for accepting real estate and establishing expectations for both your donor and your charity
  • Working with real estate brokers throughout the gifting process 
  • Monitoring all details of property gifts from acquisition to closing

Allen can establish expectations for both your donor and your charity, do requests for proposals to engage local real estate brokers, and interview the right brokers to fit the needs of charities, financial consultants, and fundraising professionals.


He can help you rise above uncertainty when it comes to obtaining broker opinions of value, make recommendations on hiring a real estate broker, and managing those brokers to get the greatest result. He’s there to oversee the appraisal process as well.


But wait—there’s more! He is, after all, a national expert on gifts of real estate. He can conduct property inspections and assess the quality of title reports, as well as identify property and marketing risks. He’s the expert to call when it comes to providing due diligence reports to charities with recommendations.

In addition, Allen will work closely with real estate brokers to market and maintain a schedule to successfully close on sales of property. He also can be counted on to do a great job of monitoring all details of the disposition process and achieve the highest yield on sales of property.

Engaging the services of Allen Thomas consistently enables individuals and organizations to increase the bottom line, not just marginally, but significantly.