Planned Giving Acceptance Policies


Allen Thomas knows his way around planned giving, offering guidance and counsel in drafting acceptance policies for charities. He can:

  • Provide independent, third party credibility to the process when non-profits are working with specific donors
  • Interview advancement leadership, chief financial officers, and general counsels, determining levels of risk tolerance and appropriate gift arrangements for the charity
  • Create compromise and harmony between divergent constituencies

Allen Thomas is available to interview advancement leadership, chief financial officers, and general counsels, and he’s very good at coordinating disparate views on the levels of risk tolerance that officers and charities are willing to consider.


Allen can determine what types of gift arrangements are appropriate for your charity and identify a solid approval process for planned gifts. He can help you open a dialogue between parties and create any necessary compromise, while always promoting harmony between divergent constituencies. When it comes to a final adoption process, he will make presentations to various constituencies so everyone understands what is going on and is in agreement on where the processes are heading.


Allen Thomas helps take the confusion out of complex processes.